One Little Lie

OneLittleLieBookCoverLife was so simple for Luna Susan George on Monday. Her older brother, Sam, was away on his honeymoon, and as his only employee of Leslie S. George, Private Investigations, Susan, had the office all to herself. Yes, Monday was so simple, but then came Tuesday, and that One Little Lie.

Tuesday made Susan’s life complicated. A perky twenty-something young woman wearing a pink baseball cap, with an appointment for a dental cleaning down the hall, stumbles into the office to seek a private investigator to find the missing cat of her multi-millionaire employer. A pet detective? Is there such a thing? Susan found out when she told that One Little Lie.

What comes  next are twelve days discovering millions of dollars worth of stolen art, an assortment of odd-ball characters, and the involvement of the Los Angeles Art Fraud Unit. Yes, the whole unit becomes involved in the case. The unit consists of one guy. An Irish cop by the name of Shaunessey O’Halloran. With a name like Shaunessey O’Halloran, what else would he be, but a cop? and to this new divorcée an important ally. There’s only one little problem standing between them. That One Little Lie.

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Meet The Author

Steven Tyler is the former lead singer of of the rock group “Smith’s Arrow.” He is an actor who has appeared in such films as “Angels and Demons” and “Get Shorty.” His writing accomplishments include a dozen completed screenplays and he is now a best selling author.

Okay. Okay. I can’t sing a note. My acting exploits are in the far, far background of the films mentioned. The screenplays are all sitting in the bottom drawer of my desk but I can be a best selling author with your help. Buy the book, have a laugh, and let the fun begin.

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